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About Us

Maura Tuffy and Kiyono McDaniel met last year while working together for the Los Angeles Children's Chorus. With Maura's affinity for choral conducting, and Kiyono's ambition for arts development, they have combined their skills to make this performance possible. From fundraising and marketing, to recruiting and rehearsing, Maura and Kiyono have self produced this performance to highlight the beauty that is Path of Miracles.


The POM effect

Last summer, Maura had the opportunity to sing Path of Miracles in Detroit with the professional ensemble, Audivi. This hour-long, choral masterwork was written by British composer Joby Talbot in 2005, and highlights the spiritual and transformative pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Maura felt incredibly impacted by and drawn towards the work––not just as a singer, but as a conductor:

"Path has the power to connect us to our community by creating a musical kaleidoscope that represents the human experience through language, chant, and folk song. It was my first exposure to learning about the rich history of the Camino de Santiago, and the first time a piece of music moved me to such a degree in hopes of planning my own journey on Camino."

- Maura Tuffy, Conductor

Path of Miracles has not been performed frequently on the West Coast, especially in Los Angeles. We believe more people need to hear this music, not only because of its one of a kind sound, but because of its inspiring nature to connect us to our community. It is a journey taken together––singer, conductor, and audience. In these divisive times, Path of Miracles is artistic meditation.

Meet The Team

Maura is a conductor and vocalist based in Los Angeles. She holds masters degrees in Choral Conducting from the Yale School of Music (2022 Robert Shaw Prize) and bachelors degrees in Vocal Arts and Choral Music from the USC Thornton School of Music. She currently teaches at California State University, LA and the LA County High School for the Arts, and works in arts administration at the LA Children's Chorus. 


Kiyono graduated magna cum laude from Chapman University in 2022 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in general music. She currently works for the Los Angeles Master Chorale in development and for the Los Angeles Children's Chorus, in chorus management, cultivating a newly found passion for arts administration and leadership. 

Our Donors

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